Learn The Exact Process To Make Bangers & Finish Track After Track

Discover the step-by-step system to go from no idea to finished tracks in a matter of hours, not months or even years. 

Learn The Exact Process To Make Bangers & Finish Track After Track

Discover the step-by-step system to go from no idea to finished tracks in a matter of hours, not months or even years.

See what results my students are getting...

Marcus Naden

I’m Marcus, or as you probably know me by, Arc Nade. With 10 years of experience in producing electronic music and 2 years of teaching students from various backgrounds, I have gained valuable insights into what works best when it comes to enhancing your music production skills. Through my experience, I have developed a comprehensive course that can help you drastically boost your music production knowledge in just a few hours. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, my course is tailored to help you develop not only your knowledge, but your practical applications when producing music. 

Transform Your Music From Average Quality to Consistent Radio Ready Hits In This One Of A Kind Course

Have you ever felt that sting of frustration in your music journey?

You start crafting a track with big dreams, but when you hit play, it falls kinda flat, missing the magic you imagined.

It’s like reaching for the stars but landing somewhere short.

That moment, when your beats don’t quite match the symphony in your head, it’s a tough spot.

It’s not just about making sounds; it’s about making something that truly resonates, something that speaks your heart.

And when your tracks fall a bit shy of that mark, it’s like chasing a beautiful melody that slips through your fingers.

But here’s the thing: I get it.

We’ve all been there, that shared frustration, and guess what? There’s a way to turn it around.

You’re about to leave all the amateur producers behind

This is your secret advantage

This where the journey from ‘lost and overwhelmed’ to ‘absolutely banging’ begins.

You’ll be levelling up in the fast lane.

Imagine making real progress as a music producer.

Picture this.

All the knowledge and instructions right in front of you to make a banger.

Everything in one place. 

No more feeling overwhelmed.

After a few sessions you’ll start to get to grasps with everything.

Then before you know it, you’ll be making tracks at the same level as your favourite producers.

You start making music you feel proud of.

Your friends start to dig your sound. Even your parents like what you’re making and can see you’re taking things seriously.

Labels will start to take notice of your sounds, and you’ll finally get that confidence boost you need to start consistently releasing music.

You’ll finally get to collaborate with the producers you want, and start making crazy connections.

Once you’ve got a grasp on making bangers, you can continue using this formula to build a fan base up and start playing your tracks in your DJ sets.

Imagine yourself stepping into a world where your music captivates and draws attention from fellow producers and fans, and establishes yourself within the music industry.

I’ve been able to do some pretty amazing things so far in my musical career.

My music has been released on some huge labels like Crucast, and has been streamed by millions of people all over the world.

I’ve been able to consistently make tracks I’m proud of for the last 3+ years.

And I’ve been able to DJ countless times all over the country. I’ve even played internationally!

What’s more, I’ve been able to do this whilst also working full time and focusing on a career! 

Now I’m able to share everything I’ve learned online through my YouTube channel and these courses, so that more and more people can have the satisfaction of making bangers.

I want the same for you, and I’m dedicating myself to making the course the best thing you’ll ever invest in.

The Problem With Music Schools & Universities Today

– Teachers have too many students to teach

– Teachers often have interests in different areas of music that you cannot resonate with

– A lot of what you study won’t actually help you to create the music you want to

– The learning won’t be directly targeted to what you want to achieve as a musician 

– The cost is exceptionally high. Some institutions charge as much as £1000 per month in tuition fees.

I'm Revolutionising The System With This Course

– I’ve designed this course to get right to the point and teach you the important information only

– You’ll learn all the fundamental knowledge and practical applications to make a banger.

– You’ll learn how to mix and master your tunes to a professional level.

– The course will constantly receive updates

– These updates will be based off feedback from YOU

– There is only a small one-time fee to pay and then you get access forever, the price is NOTHING compared to university fees


A step-by-step, foolproof approach that gradually transforms your abilities, ideas and passions into consistent, finished music.

How To Make A Banger will help you:

Obtain and organise the tools required to create bangers, from start to finish.

Have fun whilst producing, and never feel overwhelmed, stuck or confused.

Have the confidence to consistently release good music.

Express the best version of yourself through your music.

This is an online course that gives you the tools and proven system to create lasting, impactful music. What’s more, How To Make A Banger is consistently evolving. As it’s my flagship course, I’m always adding new, insightful lessons to help you create even more bangers. And on top of that, updates will be FREE, forever!

Over the course of 70+ lessons and 15 detailed, actionable steps I’ll layout the exact foundation for creating bangers fast.

This Programme Is Focused On 4 Core Values

1. Maximising Your Workflow

2. Electronic Music Targeted Music Theory

3. Practical Application (a.k.a producing)

4. The Banger Formula 

With these 4 components in place and optimised, all you need to do is consistently apply them and before you know it, you’ll be finishing track after track, and people will start asking how it’s possible and how you’re doing so much with seemingly little time.

Think about this. I have a full time career outside of music, a family, girlfriend, gym etc, yet I still have time to create YouTube tutorials and social media content every week, release new music every month, and create quality courses and sample packs for you. And I still have time to chill out some evenings, watch a movie or play some games. Seems impossible, right? Well everything I do to create the music that I release and that I put in my tutorials is in this course. And I’ve worked my ass off to make sure you’ll be able to understand it all as easily as possible.

If you put the work in – you’ll get the results!

Here’s a sneak peak into what you’ll learn during the How To Make A Banger course.

1. Workflow

How to create the perfect project template for FL Studio or Ableton, suited to your style 

The essential DAW hacks for FL Studio & Ableton 

How to organise your Sample Packs, Serum Presets & Splice libraries

2. Theory

The importance of reference tracks 

What BPM should you choose 

All about plugins 

Music theory for electronic music 

Sound selection 

Sound design 

3. Practical

Produce with me step-by-step 

Finishing your tracks 

The art of mixing 

My simple mastering techniques

4. The Banger Formula

A repeatable process you can use every time you create a new track. Whenever producing, have this course and knowledge by your side to get an edge over every other producer

Never Miss An Update

The electronic music industry is constantly evolving with revolutionary sample packs, plugins, technologies and AI. 

I am constantly keeping up to date with the new releases, so you don’t have to. When I find something that I know will aid you in creating bangers, I’ll add it to the programme. On top of that, I’ll add it all into an email and send it right over to the email you join with, so you never miss an update! 


David E.


Enrolling in Arc Nade’s How To Make A Banger course has been a game-changer for me. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach transformed my production skills. Everything is really easy to follow, and setup in a way that makes sense. It never gets confusing. I’ve learned a simple but effective way to produce and it’s also sped up my production time. I’m finally able to start finishing tracks that have exceeded my expectations.

If you’re skeptical - welcome to the club

If you were to tell be back in 2012 that in over 10 years time I’d be making full electronic tracks in various genres, I’d have a tonne of questions to ask like these:

Marcus then:

“If it took you over 10 years to get the hang of producing, won’t it take me the same amount of time?”

Marcus now:

Whilst I agree it is tough to grasp production, back then I didn’t have the tools that are available today. By following this course I’ve seen students pick up production and make bangers within months, not years. 

Marcus then:

“I have uni to go to, or a full time job, or family to take care of, I can’t afford to spend all day and night making new music”

Marcus now:

Whilst music production is very time consuming, when you know what to focus on and what not to, you can save so much time. For example, creating and post-processing the perfect kick (2+ hours) vs choosing the perfect kick sample from your sample pack collection (5 minutes).

Marcus then:

I don’t even know where to begin with production. Arrangement, structure, sound selection, sound design, mixing, mastering. There’s so much to do and so much brain power to do it, there’s no way I’ll ever learn everything!

Marcus now:

Absolutely. The problem is, people make it way too complicated, especially on YouTube tutorials. But it’s really not, there’s only 4 core elements you need to be doing to make bangers, and we’ll cover them all in detail. If I can learn them, anyone can learn them. You don’t need to be a genius.

There’s also that fear factor to get over. 

A common issue to have with music production is that you don’t think you’re good enough to do it. You think you need talent, in-depth music theory knowledge, expensive studio setups, know how to play 3 different instruments, the list goes on…

That’s not the case at all. Making good music is way different to that. You only need a good plan and system; otherwise, you’ll waste time and miss success. 

I won’t let that happen to you. I’ve transformed over 10 years of knowledge, success, pain, frustration, and experience into a simple, repeatable system.

How To Make A Banger is for you if...

✅ You want to make consistent bangers

✅ You’re tired of being overwhelmed with information on YouTube and other sites, and want one proven method to make great music

✅ You’re willing to put in the work that fits around your current life schedule

✅ You don’t want to sink thousands of dollars into equipment and plugins you don’t need and just waste more of your time from actually creating bangers 

This is NOT for you if…

You’re expecting a magic pill to making music. It’s still going to be tough and take time, but this method is the best way to do it

❌ You expect results without putting in the effort. You have to be passionate about making music and willing to put in the time and follow the steps.

Some courses out there focus on one thing, such as music theory, and you never get the full picture. 
Others are overly complex, highly technical,  like sound design, and require a lot of know-how and expensive equipment. 
How To Make A Banger is solely focused on helping you achieve the satisfaction of hitting export on your DAW, and being proud of what you’ve produced!
This information is so powerful, and if I were to teach you all this in 1-2-1 sessions, it would cost thousands of dollars. 
But when I chose to turn my system into a course that anyone could use at their own speed, I wanted to make it easy for everyone to access and understand.

That’s why you can get instant access today to the entire How To Make A Banger course for just one payment of $397 $297

Don’t forget: it’s completely risk free

This course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee – no questions asked. 

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply inform me, and I’ll refund your money. Whilst I’m confident you’ll be pleased, if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

Either you achieve your desired results, or your money is returned. It’s that straightforward!

Also, if you sign up for How To Make A Banger today you'll receive some exclusive bonuses:

Bonus 1 – Sound Design Masterclass ($200 Value)

Some producers get obsessed with sound design and think they need to create an entire track from scratch. What a waste of time and potential talent! 

In this bonus training you’ll learn:

– How to complete sound design sessions that aims to finish more music rather than aimlessly waste your time 

– How to use other artists sounds (a.k.a presets in sample packs) to create your own, unique sounds

– How to create a balance between your low/mid/high range of any bass 

Bonus 2 – Sound Selection Masterclass ($200 value)

Sound selection is one of the hardest and most important aspects of music production to learn. I’ve seen students go from creating garbage to quality tracks just because they focused and improved their sound selection game. 

In this bonus masterclass I’ll show you:

– How to select good sounds in an efficient and effective way 

– How to determine the pitch of your sample and show you specifically what works and doesn’t work in key

– How to arrange the sounds you use in your library to save even more time in future tracks 

Bonus 3 – How To Finish Tracks Fast ($150 value)

One of the most common problems I hear from my students is that they really struggle to finish tracks. With my formula, I’ve created a way that makes it easy to finish tracks. I’ve managed to finish tracks in less than 30 minutes before! 

This bonus will teach you:

– How to finish tracks so fast you’ll never again get frustrated with the process 

– What to do at each stage of the finishing track process, broken down into easy steps 

– The benefits of finishing music, and creating a library of unreleased music to prepare you for future releases 

Bonus 4 – Mixdown Masterclass ($300 value)

Mixing is an essential part of the music production process. It can often feel like an overwhelming process and that’s why so many producers get it wrong! But fear not, I’m here to help, and I’ll make it super simple for you to follow along. 

This bonus will show you:

– How to properly gain stage using visual and hearing aids 

– How to use the appropriate plugins to create a clean cut mix, no more muddiness! 

– How to setup your mixdown process so you can perfectly master it in the next step

Bonus 5 – Master Masterclass ($250 value)

Mastering is a process that scares a lot of music producers. They often relate it to a really technical procedure, and think that only qualified audio engineers can complete masters. This just isn’t true, and I’ll show you why. 

In this bonus we’ll explore:

– How to master a track using only FL Studio or Ableton plugins

– How to master a track using external plugins 

– How to set the level of your master to the perfect loudness, depending on what genre you’re making 

Here’s what you get with the course today:

  • 70+ How To Make A Banger lessons with 15 perfectly planned actionable steps to help you create bangers ($3000 value)
  • Bonus 1 – Sound Design Masterclass ($200 Value)
  • Bonus 2 – Sound Selection Masterclass ($200 value) 
  • Bonus 3 – How To Finish Tracks Fast ($150 value) 
  • Bonus 4 – Mixdown Masterclass ($300 value)
  • Bonus 5 – Master Masterclass ($250 value)
  • The Banger Formula (Priceless)
  • Lifetime Updates – I’ll be constantly updating this course as the music industry evolves and the ways to make bangers transforms ($1000 value)

Total value for all of this amazing training = $5200

That’s one hell of a lot of value packed into one course!

But today you can get access to all of this for just one payment of $397 $297

You're just seconds away...

When you login to the private members area, you’ll be able to access the entire How To Make A Banger programme and begin watching video trainings immediately.

You can take the course on any device you like: computer, tablet of phone. As long as you have internet access, you have the course!

And of course, when you join you get lifetime access to this material – and all future updates that come with it!

Frequently asked questions


How do I register? 

Once your order has been placed you’ll create an account and log into your private dashboard.

From there you’ll have access to the entire course!

I recommend having 2 screens open. 1 screen for your DAW, and 1 screen for the course.

Keep the course open every time you produce until you’ve soaked up all the information!

About The Course

Is it suitable for beginners? 

Absolutely! Whether you’re trying to finish your first track, or a more advanced producer, this course has got you covered! 

Can’t I Find This Information On YouTube?

There’s a bunch of helpful stuff on YouTube. I’ve spent a lot of time watching tutorials, and I even finished a music production diploma with a perfect score (I’ll share a photo of my certificate below). Back when I was starting, I wished I had everything in one spot to easily separate the good from the bad. I wanted something reliable. With How To Make A Banger, you get all the exclusive strategies I’ve tested over the years to create absolute bangers.

What If I’m Struggling With One Of The Lessons?

You can drop me an email. I’ll answer your question directly, and if I think necessary I’ll update the course with new content! I encourage you to get in touch if you cannot quite grasp a certain topic.

Do I need to be using a certain DAW to join the academy?

Absolutely not!

I would highly recommend using FL Studio or Ableton, as some of the content uses these. But, you can use the principles from the content and apply it directly to any DAW.

What if I make a different genre of electronic music?

This course is tailored to work with every genre of electronic music. No matter what genre you produce, you’ll soon be making bangers!

How long will this course take to complete?

This course gives you 14 hours of well-edited lessons and more than 200 hours of hands-on practice. You can keep learning for as long as you want, and the banger formula at the end of the course will help with this. This is a music production course for life.


How does billing work?

You can pay via debit/credit card through the secure system of Stripe. The alternative payment option is PayPal.

What payment plans are available?

There are currently no payment plans available


Do you give refunds?

Despite its high value, this course is available for just $297 today.

There is also a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase. Take the course, look at the bonus content, complete the steps, work hard, and if you’re not getting the results in the first 30 days, email me, and I’ll give your money back right away. No questions, no bad feelings.