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Marcus Naden

I’m Marcus, or as you probably know me by, Arc Nade. With 10 years of experience in producing electronic music and 2 years of teaching students from various backgrounds, I have gained valuable insights into what works best when it comes to enhancing your music production skills. Through my experience, I have developed a comprehensive course that can help you drastically boost your music production knowledge in just a few hours. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, my course is tailored to help you develop not only your knowledge, but your practical applications when producing music. 

How It Works

1. Send me your latest track.

2. Receive detailed feedback on your track, and learn exactly what you need to progress to the next level.

3. Repeat. I’m available 24/7 and typically respond instantly or within a few hours (except when sleeping).

Frequently asked questions


What happens once I sign up?

Once your order has been placed you’ll create an account and log into your private dashboard.

From there you’ll have access to your user dashboard and details on how to add me on Discord

I’ll get you to fill out a questionniare to understand more about your music production level.

Then we’ll get started, right away!

About The Course

How long does the academy last? 

The academy works on a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at anytime. 

Most students experience incredible progress when they stay in the academy for 3-6 months, so that’s what I suggest.

Is it suitable for beginners? 

Absolutely! Whether you’re trying to finish your first track, or a more advanced producer, this academy has got you covered! 

Can’t I Find This Information On YouTube?

There’s a bunch of helpful stuff on YouTube. I’ve spent a lot of time watching tutorials, and I even finished a music production diploma with a perfect score (I’ll share a photo of my certificate below). Back when I was starting, I wished I had a mentor who was years ahead of me, guiding me. I reckon I would’ve saved 5+ years if I had!

How will I receive feedback?

Firstly, we’ll go over all the essentials of music production to make sure you know everything you need to know. Then, I’ll start asking you to send me tracks. I’ll give you feedback on these tracks, either through messages or videos directly looking into the project files. A bit like my YouTube videos, but looking into YOUR music. You’ll then use this new knowledge to work on more music, and send me that. This process will repeat itself until you’re making bangers!

Do I need to be using a certain DAW to join the academy?

Absolutely not!

I would highly recommend using FL Studio or Ableton, as that’s what I use, and sometimes I’ll ask you to send the project file of your track so I can take a detailed look. But, we can make it work on other DAWs.

What if I make a different genre of electronic music?

This course is tailored to work with every genre of electronic music. No matter what genre you produce, you’ll soon be making bangers!


How does billing work?

You can pay via debit/credit card through the secure system of Stripe. The alternative payment option is PayPal.

What payment plans are available?

There are currently no payment plans available


Do you give refunds?


I’m giving you my direct 1-2-1 help, so it’s not possible to refund.